OTC Students Commence Experiential Learning with Outward Bound Oman

Oman Tourism College (OTC) recently wrapped-up a course for 38 of its students entitled ‘Learning for Life,’ delivered in collaboration with Outward Bound Oman (OBO) on Jebal Al Akhdar. The Next Generation programme sought to engrain youth with an increased awareness of Oman’s current economic situation, as well as some of the key aptitudes required to be successful in life, including transferable skills such as communication, time management, and leadership. A strong focus was further placed on how youth can invest in developing their career through critical reflection, ethics, and best practices.

Thirty-eight OTC students undertook the four-day course overall, beginning with activity briefings and planning sessions before a challenging journey on-foot of long hikes and critical discussions, with complementary developmental activities and reflection throughout. Setting their own pace, groups of male and female students extended the trip with team-building activities. All participants that completed the programme received an internationally recognized certificate from Outward Bound Oman.

Dr Abdulkarim Al Mughairi, Dean of OTC, said, “By selecting programmes that help our students to meet the rising demands of our nation’s emerging tourism industry OTC ensures that the skills and employment of its graduates continue to increase in the realization of a workforce worthy of His Majesty the Sultan’s vision for a world-class tourism destination. In our commitment to continually identify new opportunities that enrich our student body, both academically and experientially, the college can ensure that future generations of work-ready alumni exceed all expectations and thrive amidst Oman’s competitive and fast-growing industry”.

Focused on higher education students, fresh graduates and job seekers, The Next Generation programme aims to deliver elements of skills needed for success, employability, work ethics, and environmental awareness, among others. The course delivers a balance between physical challenge through the long hikes, fun team-building activities, and informative, in-depth discussions about essential topics.

Sharing her experience Abeer Al Maimani, OTC student said “My experience in Outward Bound Oman was a great and unique challenging trip outside my comfort zone.  Throughout the four days, we were on a journey to discover and develop our inner potential, our patience, resilience, focus, team spirit, and self-belief. From cleaning the camping site, to motivating my team members while hiking to cooking with very limited ingredients, the program added so much value to my life as it altered the way I see my future career path. By realizing the skills and work ethics I need as a student, citizen and new employee in the near future, I will be more successful and productive.”

Furthering its in-house delivery of cutting-edge academic programmes to develop youth alongside the emergence of Oman’s burgeoning tourism sector, OTC recently received its first intake for a new undergraduate degree programme. Now awarding a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and Diploma in Business Enterprise, the college offers professional learning pathways in service management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In order to ensure that the course’s content would meet the needs of the Omani market in-line with global industry standards, the college reviewed its new programme with benchmarks belonging to better established educational institutions, including the universities of Manchester and Sheffield Hallam in the United Kingdom, Victoria University in Australia, and the University of Colorado in the United States of America.

Founded in 1941, Outward Bound is one of the world’s oldest and most far-reaching human resource development organizations, with over 30 schools worldwide. Launched in 2009 by the Minister of Education it was granted ‘Foundation’ status in 2014 by Ministerial Decision. OBO is the only Outward Bound school in the Middle East and therein reflects the importance that the Omani government places on preparing the next generation for the future. As a non-profit educational initiative, OBO uses challenging journeys to develop life skills and help all ages realize their potential.

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Applications are accepted from January to February and July to September for Spring Intake and Fall Intake.