Computer Basic, Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3)

Course Description:


Computer Basic, Internet & Computing Core Certification (IC3)

IC³ is the world’s first certification program for digital literacy and the most commonly recognized standard of digital literacy today. Students who achieve IC³ certification possess the validated skills and knowledge required for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. To become IC³ certified, you must pass the all of the following three exams (each exam takes less than an hour to complete):

  • Part A: Computing Fundamental: Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Operating System, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Security.
  • Part B: Key Applications: Word Processor, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Database and Graphics
  • Part C: Living Online: Internet, Electronic Mail and Social Media.



Regarding the procedures of registration as follow:


1-      The seat booking without payment  will be available for only 5 working days.

2-      Payment should be done prior the course start.

3-      Payment can be done  through Cash or Visa.

4-       Once the registration is done, the money is nonrefundable.

5-      The money will be refundable if only the college cancels the course .

6-      The last day for registration is 2nd of December 2018.


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