Welcome to THE OTC Students Portal

From here you can check your email, access the e-learning portal, and view your registration details, timetables and your results when published.

This Portal will help you to easily access online information. You will be able use this Portal to : check your email, access your assessment mark information and other related information. You can access this information via a web browser , such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

Support Helpdesk Contact Information

Here you will find a list of the support departments and their contact details. If you have any problems you should contact them. We are happy to help you.

Department Support Issues Contact Number Email
Department of Student Affairs Any issues students may have including problems related to registration, modules, attendance etc. Call us :00958 -24512303/304/305 admission@otc.edu.om
Student Services (Section) Issues related to hostels and transportation 00968-24512282 office@otc.edu.om
Student Councillor Will provide guidance and support with any personal or learning related issues. 00968-24512308 office@otc.edu.om
Department of IT Support For issues relating to logging on to portal, email, computers, etc 00968-2451381/382 itservicesdesk@otc.edu.om
Library and Learning Resources Visit or contact us for any resource related issues relating to your studies. 00968-24512324 library@otc.edu.om
Internship and Placement (Section) For career placements and problems related to internships and placement 00968-24512324 library@otc.edu.om